The LAKESIDE TOURNAMENT games are governed by High School Federation Rules with the following modifications:


We have 70 minute timeslots for each game. We will allow at least a 5 minute warmup between each game even if we are running late.

All games include two 14 minute stop-time halves.

The halftime break is three minutes in duration.

The first overtime period runs for two minutes with stop-clock. All additional overtimes run for one minute with stop-clock. Each overtime period begins with a jump ball.

Teams are granted three 1 minute timeouts per game, plus one 1 minute timeout per overtime. Timeouts cannot be accumulated or carried over.

If a team is up by 20 points or more within the last 7 minutes of the game, the clock goes to running time while the lead is 20 or more. If the lead drops below 20, stop time will resume.

No full court press by teams up by 20 points.

Girls 4th and 5th - May shoot from 12 feet
Boys 4th - May shoot from 12 feet
Boys 5th - Shooting from standard 15 feet

In Backcourt or Outside 3-point Line (in frontcourt):
Defensive players may guard their man only. No double teams, no help, no switching. Defenders may come off their man to grab loose ball or intercept pass once pass is made. Defenders may not hover away from man looking for passes or to guard ballhandler who beats their man. Defenders may leave man to get back inside 3-point to defend against fast break.
Inside 3-Point Line:
When the ball goes inside the 3-point line, defensive players may leave their man to help guard the ball, even if it results in a double team, or rotate to guard a player without the ball (i.e. help the helper).
Halfcourt Defense:
When all 4 offensive players without the ball are in legitimate offensive positions (i.e. stationed around the 3-point line or closer), all defensive players must stay within 8 feet of their man unless they leave man to help as described above.


Three Rivers League reserves the right to warn or eject a player, coach or fan for unsportsmanlike conduct or improper behavior from a game, or the entire tournament. No refunds will be given to such teams or individuals. It is important to remember that we are trying to provide a fun and exciting weekend for the players.

Players can play on only one team within each grade level.


4th, 5th & 6th Grade Girls and Boys, and 7th & 8th Grade Girls play with a 28.5" basketball.

7th & 8th Grade Boys play with a full-size basketball.

4th & 5th Grade GIRLS ONLY - man to man defense only, but in the last minute of the game/overtime the trailing team can backcourt press.

One of the competing teams must supply the game ball.

All players must be equipped with a uniform or jersey having a visible number and team color.

Players may not wear jewelry, watches, or hair accessories with metal or hard materials, plaster casts are not allowed.


Admission is charged on a daily basis, $6.00/ adults, $3.00/ 65 and over, $3.00 for students under 18, and children 5 and under are admitted free. Two (2) Coaches listed on your roster and your players are admitted free.

Coaches and players are expected to clean up after themselves before they leave their court.

The host school will provide a timekeeper and a person to keep the official scorebook. In the event that either one of these positions are not filled, the referees will ask the coaches to recommend a qualified person or persons for these tasks. If a person comes out of the stands to do the scorebook, he or she will become the official scorebook.


All teams are responsible for accessing game times and locations

online at www.lakesidetournament.com.