Tips To Winterizing Basketball Hoop

The basketball enthusiasts want to play basketball all year round and if they can’t do so, they desire to take good care of their basketball hoops especially when the weather becomes conducive. This also ensures that they do not incur extra costs of repair in case the basketball hoop system is damaged by ice or wind. There are different ways of winterizing basketball hoops systems that depend on whether the hoop will still be in use or disassembled during the winter season.

  • Winterizing Basketball Hoops That Are Still In Use

For those that do not wish to disassemble the whole best portable basketball hoop systems, they could opt for filling the base with sand and not water. Sand does not freeze, evaporate, or leak compared to water. An added advantage of this is, for instance, given a thirty-five-gallon base that is filled with water and will weigh about two hundred and eighty lbs. However, given the same base filled with sand weighs five hundred lbs. This translates to more stability to withstand the unforgiving winter winds.

The base gel can also give a similar effect as sand. In case you have filled the base you can add half of the Base gel to make it firm. The fact that it will last for many years makes it an excellent option. Furthermore, you can get the gel back to the natural state easily.

Some people prefer water to sand, which is also fine. One may decide to purchase a water pump to drain all or some of the water to create room. This is because water expands as it freezes into ice and it may crack or break the base. A portable pump would come much more in handy. You can also put the hose in the base and the other end of the hose on the ground and let gravity do all the work.

Alternatively, you may add antifreeze in the water at the base. It is best to choose non-toxic antifreeze. When handled inappropriately, antifreeze may pose a great danger to plants and animals. If it spills, it should be cleaned up immediately since it is dangerous to the environment.

You may also decide to cover up the basketball hoop system to protect it from rust. For a portable system, it is easier to carry it to shelter. If it is not possible to move it, one may cover the whole basketball hoop system with a tarp and secure it with the bungee cords or something as available as trash bags secured with duct tape. It would also be advisable to lower your hoop as needed to protect it from winter winds and to remove the basketball net and store it in the house.

  • Winterizing Basketball Hoops That Are Not Used In Winter

These just require you to dismantle the whole basketball hoop system. After that, the different parts are stored in a sheltered place safe from the weather elements which may lead to rust. Also, when they are stored properly, they reduce accidents in the storage area.

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